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When my wife told me we were going to have a baby, I was beside myself with joy. I immediately made a list of everything we would need: crib, bedding, cradle, and of course, a stroller. We wanted the best that money could buy; but we also wanted items that were safe and had gotten good consumer reviews. I spent hours on the internet researching each product. This post just deals with strollers. My wife and I wanted something sturdy with all of the latest features, but also wouldn’t break my back trying to carry it around. We wanted something lightweight so that it could be folded and stored easily, for those quick trips to the mall, or an afternoon at the park. Shortly after I started my research, I realized that there are many good strollers out there that met our criteria. Jeep, First-Years, Britax and Chicco all make quality products. Our final decision on the best lightweight stroller for us was the Peg Perego Aria Lightweight Stroller. Some of the criteria I used for my research was having features like storage, cup holders, compatibility with infant car seat, sturdy wheels and, of course, 5-point safety harness. The Peg Perego has all of these features, plus some.

Most parents purchase two separate strollers for their kids. A large and heavy model is used for long trips to the zoo, or a weekend away at Grandma’s. These definitely serve their purpose, but they can be cumbersome, both to fold and store. It can also be hard to maneuver in small spaces like store aisles, restaurants and sharp corners. A lightweight stroller can make quick trips much easier and more comfortable for you and your child. Travelling on a plane will also require a lightweight stroller. The best lightweight stroller will have the best of both worlds: all the functionality and style of a heavier stroller, and be light enough that you won’t have to work out at the gym before using it. One of the prime indicators of a great stroller is if your child falls asleep in it. My daughter almost always falls asleep in the Peg Perego Stroller.

Best Lightweight Stroller -  Peg Perego Aria Lightweight Stroller

Peg Perego Aria Lightweight Stroller

The Peg Perego Aria Lightweight Stroller has many features that can be found on heavier, bulkier models as well. The one feature that I love about it is that it is compatible with the infant car seat. It easily snaps into place on the stroller, and my daughter would never wake up or become uncomfortable while adjusting. The only downside is that the car seat has to be purchased separately. The car seat anchors are retractable so they don’t get in your way. When the stroller is folded, it has a handle which makes it easy to carry. When my daughter was old enough to sit in the stroller without the car seat, the snack tray came in handy. If you are looking for a stroller that is versatile and lightweight, this Peg Perego stroller may be just what you’re looking for. The total weight is only 13 pounds.

My wife loves the fact that the upholstery is removable for washing. Not every stroller has this feature, and it’s definitely nice to have. I can’t tell you how many juice spills and cookie crumbs accumulated over a single afternoon! Because safety was a big issue for us, as it is with most parents, this stroller was on the top of our list. It is JPMA certified (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) which means that all safety standards have been met. The all-wheel suspension and swivel front wheels makes it easy for my wife to maneuver pretty much everywhere, even over rough gravel roads. The 5-point harness gives both my wife and peace of mind that our daughter is safe and secure when buckled in. This model also has what’s known as ‘freedom of movement’. Rear brakes can be set with the push of your foot. It allows our daughter to have a full range of movement, while still being secure. Other great features include a retractable hood and a multi-position backrest. There is also a large water bottle holder that is adjustable for adults.

If you travel a lot, or you plan on travelling with your baby, you will definitely be thankful for a lightweight stroller. The best lightweight stroller is one that meets all of your needs, and makes your child comfortable as well. Of course, your budget should also be considered. My wife and I found the Peg Perego Aria Lightweight Stroller to be the best fit for our needs, and our daughter loves it. As for price, it’s in the middle range. It’s neither the most expensive, nor the least expensive. At only 13 pounds, you’ll find this lightweight stroller easy to manage, fold and lift. It fits easily into any trunk, even small economy car trunks.

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