BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

Bob Revolution SE Single StrollerAs any new parent can attest to, there is nothing more important than your baby’s comfort and safety. As your baby grows into a toddler, safety is still paramount to your peace of mind as a parent. Because babies and toddlers spend much of their time in a stroller, finding one that is both safe and easy to manage is a critical factor when shopping for one. The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller may just have everything you’ve been looking for in a stroller. With the easy-to-fold system and reclining seat, both parent and baby will be happy on outings, whether for an afternoon stroll or an early morning jog. It’s perfect for parents on the go who want to stay in shape while giving their baby the fresh air and quality time that they need.

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The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller has a multi-position canopy to protect your child from the elements. The canopy can be adjusted 5 different positions, giving a 125-degree range of coverage.  The 85-square inch clear viewing window allows you to easily keep an eye on your little one. It also folds all the way back for those times you don’t need sun protection. The canopy is quite large and covers a large portion of the stroller when fully extended; the sides come down almost halfway down to the seat of the unit.

BOB Revolution Canopy

5 adjustable positions canopy

The aluminum alloy frame is lightweight, making folding a snap. Simply pull the lever at the side, and fold the stroller for easy transporting. It will fit nicely in any vehicle. You can even fold it with one hand, making it even more convenient.

Foldable BOB Revolution Stroller

Easy-to-fold Frame

The accessory adapter lets you quickly attach an infant car seat or snack tray (not included). The snack tray can be purchased with a built-in cup holder for added convenience.

The state-of-the-art suspension system ensures that your child is guaranteed a smooth and comfortable ride, even over rough terrain like gravel and stone.

It is available in four colors: Orange, Black, Navy, and Plum; it also comes in a double stroller model, making it easy for infants and older children to ride together (double-wide).

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Handles, Wheels and Brakes

Swiveling Front Wheels

Swiveling front wheel for great maneuverability

The handle height is 40 inches, but is not adjustable. The handlebar is padded for extra comfort, and comes with a wrist strap that helps you secure the stroller when you’re strolling.

The three wheels are made of high-impact polymer with pneumatic tires, with tubes that take on any surface or terrain. The front wheel swivels, allowing for superior maneuverability. When going over tough surfaces, the wheel locks forward giving you increased stability. The front wheel swivels a full 360 degrees.

The tracking adjustment knob on the front wheel just needs a simple twist in order to keep you rolling straight.

The parking brake will help keep your stopped position; this is especially useful on hilly or uneven ground.

The SE Single Stroller Foot Brakes

Easy-to-engage Foot Brakes

The suspension is state-of-the-art and adjustable, which ensures a smooth ride for your baby. Two-position shock absorbers provide reliability and comfort. The elastomer and coil spring shock absorbers provide for 3” of wheel travel. There are two shock release knobs that allow for various occupants and cargo. Position 1 can handle up to 40 pounds, and position 2 can handle from 41 to 70 pounds. You can easily adjust between the two positions with a simple switch.

The rear wheel brake system can be engaged quickly and easily with your foot, providing extra safety and security.

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Whether you’re out for an afternoon picnic or a leisurely hike along the beach, having enough storage for all of your items is important. Diaper bags, keys, purse, wallet, drinking boxes, and snacks are all essentials on your outing. Luckily, the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller is made for all of these things, and more.

There are two interior mesh pockets, one large pocket on the seatback, and one large hanging basket/storage bin at the bottom, underneath the seat. So no matter what you’re bringing along, you’ll have room to store it in one of the compartments.

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The seat reclines from vertical to 70 degrees, so when your child is ready for a nap, sleeping is made more comfortable. The seat is made of Dobby and Poly weave fabrics, and has a water repellent coating, along with open cell foam padding. The padded 5 point seat harness will keep your child secure, no matter what position the seat is in. The interior seat width is 14.5 inches.

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Size, Dimensions and Weight


The shipping weight is 30 pounds.

The total weight of the this stroller is 25 pounds. According to the manufacturer’s website, the maximum weight it can hold is 70 pounds. They do not recommend that children under 8 weeks old use the stroller without an infant car seat (easily attached to the stroller when the accessory adaptor in place).

In walking mode, the manufacturer recommends an age range of 8 weeks to 8 months; in jogging mode, the recommendation is from 8 months to 5 years.

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Available Colors

Orange Black Navy Plum

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There is a 5-year limited warranty on the frame, and a one-year limited warranty on the fabric and small parts. A limited warranty generally means that it covers parts and labor defects, but does not protect against misuse, accidents or mishandling.

The alloy wheels and swivel front wheel make this an ideal stroller for either walking or jogging.

The stroller is easy to put together, requiring only a few simple tools. Full instructions are provided, as well as a care guide.

The fabric and seats are easy to clean, and can wipe clean in seconds with a damp cloth.

If you purchase the stroller on Amazon, there is a special promotion that gives you six-month financing options (certain conditions apply.) There is also a full 365 full money-back guarantee if bought on the Amazon website.

The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller can be purchased outside of the U.S.

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If you’re looking for something that’s made in North America, you’ll be disappointed. The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller is made in China. This in no way affects the overall quality of the stroller.

At 25 pounds, it’s one of the heavier models on the market. It is not something that you want to be lifting in and out of your trunk on a regular basis.

Although the stroller is easy to put together, there are no tools provided (some models include an Allen key for convenience).

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There is an accessory adapter that can be purchased separately. This adapter will allow a snack tray or infant car seat to easily attach to the stroller. The snack tray and car seat are also sold separately. Other available accessories include weather shields, handlebar console and warm fuzzy.

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Consumer Reviews and Ratings

Most consumers who have purchased this stroller have been giving it rave reviews. There are plenty of parents and grandparents who are quite happy with the quality and ease of use. Many have said that they love how easy it is to fold up and store in a closet or trunk. Many also like the fact that the wheels are easily removable for even more storage room.

Amazon reviews include those who have used the stroller over all kinds of terrain including pavement, sand, hills, rocks, gravel and more. They all say that the stroller can easily handle any type of surface, without making their child uncomfortable.

Some consumers have commented that the instruction and care guide is very well illustrated and contains clear directions. They have also praised the fact that the stroller is sturdy and has plenty of storage space.

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Average Consumer Rating: 4.5/5

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If you are looking for a versatile stroller that can go virtually anywhere, then this stroller could be exactly what you’re looking for. The padded, reclining seats will keep your child comfortable no matter what terrain you’re on. This is a great stroller for short morning jogs, or longer afternoon outings. The Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller is available on Amazon at over 20% off retail price. Click on the button below to take advantage of the discount now.

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