InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger Review

Instep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger The InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger is one of those strollers I thought I would never use. I’m not much of a jogger; I prefer to walk, thank you very much! But I learned that you don’t necessarily need to jog in order to appreciate the quality and versatility of a jogging stroller. Recently, my daughter and her cousin, who is the same age, had the opportunity to try out the stroller while on a family outing. Not only is it a dream to maneuver, it has plenty of storage space, is comfortable for the kids, and the rubberized handle makes it comfortable for parents too. Our outing included a quick trip to the mall and then a short hike on a dirt trail; this stroller went over both surfaces quite easily.  If you are an active parent who loves to jog or take brisk walks, you’re sure to love this stroller.

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Instep Safari TwinsEach seat is equipped with a large canopy to keep out the sun, wind and other weather elements. They work independently, and are fully adjustable and retractable, with 5 adjustable positions. They do not have a viewing window. The stroller folds easily enough, and is the ‘one handed’ system that I’ve come to love. It has what’s called a dual-trigger folding system with built-in carrying handles. Once folded, it stores easily enough into most trunks. The handle bar is adjustable; this makes it easy to use if you and your spouse are different heights like my wife and I are. I’m just over 6’ and she is just over 5’. If only the driver’s seat of our car adjusted as easily!

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Handles, Wheels and Brakes

Front Wheel

Front Wheel

The handles have a rubberized grip, making it slip resistant and comfortable to hang on to, even for long periods. It has an instant lock switch that converts it from a jogger to a swivel stroller in an instant. The pneumatic tires with molded rims mean they are air-filled, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride over almost any terrain. The front tire is 12″, while the rear tires are 16″. The stroller is also equipped with a quick-release feature for the wheels, making it easy to store in smaller spaces.  The rear wheels lock in place quickly and easily by pressing down on the levers with your foot – no bending required.

Rubberized Handlebar

Rubberized Grip on Handlebar

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The InStep Safari Double Jogger has plenty of storage so you can go out for an hour, or a whole afternoon. There is a large storage bin underneath that can hold diaper bags, purses, or other large items. There is also a molded tray for parents with two cup holders that can hold smaller items like keys, wallet, cell phone, and other personal items. The cup holders are perfect for bottles of water or those early morning lattes. When it comes to strollers, there is no such thing as too much storage space; this model seems to have gotten the hint and provided plenty for parents.

Instep Safari Double Jogger Basket

Large Underneath Storage Basket

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5-Point Safety Harness

5-Point Safety Harness

The polyester seat fabric is removable and washable with mild detergent. This is much better than just being able to spot-clean the fabric. Even though they are side-by-side, they are two separate seats, so when the kids are fighting, they can’t get too close to each other. The most they can do is hit their feet together. The seats recline individually, so if one wants to sleep and the other doesn’t, it won’t cause a ruckus. While they don’t recline all the way back, they go far enough for your child to have a comfortable rest. Each seat is equipped with a 5-point harness, making it a safe choice for parents. The harness is fully adjustable to accommodate your growing bundle of joy.

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Size, Dimensions and Weight

Instep Safari Folded

The Instep Safari When Folded

This jogging stroller weighs in at 37 pounds, with dimensions of 49″ by 32″ by 40″ (L x W x H). When folded, the dimensions are 33.5” x 32.25” x 20.5” (L x W x H).

The manufacturer recommends a maximum weight of 50 pounds for each child – so in total, 100 pounds. Other recommendations include a minimum age of 6 months. The shipping weight is just over 42 pounds.

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Available Colors

Gray Green

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The InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger comes with a limited one-year warranty. This covers labor and parts. It doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, mishandling or misuse, or broken parts due to not adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The rubberized handle will not cause blisters after long jogging treks.

The pneumonic wheels make it easy to travel over almost any terrain.

The large storage basket underneath and parent organizer tray lets you store almost any item, big and small.

The one-handed folding mechanism is perfect for those with their hands full (as parents often are) and the quick release wheels make it easy to store in small trunks or spaces.

Each seat can hold a child up to 50 pounds, making this a stroller that you can use for years to come.

The seats recline so if one or both of your little ones want to go to sleep, they can do so comfortably.

The seat fabrics are removable so you can wash them thoroughly with mild detergent.

There are two independent 5-position canopies for keeping out the UV rays, as well as other elements such as wind and rain.

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It’s a bit heavy at 37 pounds, but this is to be expected considering it’s a double stroller. Still, some may find it hard to manage.

The stroller does require some assembly; while not overly complicated, those who are “instructionally challenged” may find it a tad difficult.

Because it’s a side-by-side stroller, the width can cause issues. It can be difficult to get inside traditionally sized doorways and such.

Balance can be an issue if only one child is in the seat; it tends to tilt to one side. This is easily fixed by putting in a bag of groceries or a diaper bag.

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Each seat is equipped with a pivoting child’s tray. Each tray has one cup holder. Snacks, drinks and toys can easily be placed on the tray, making your child’s ride a more enjoyable one. The trays are removable as well. You can also purchase a lamb skin padding for this model, if you want your little ones to have an even more comfortable ride. They are completely removable and washable, and will save the fabric of the stroller.

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Consumer Reviews and Ratings

Consumers who have purchased the InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger have been giving it excellent reviews. Several sites were checked, including Amazon,, WalMart and other independent blogs. Most consumers love the fact that the stroller can go over almost any terrain, smooth and rough. For active consumers, it’s a great ‘addition’ to their workout routine. The parent tray with cup holders is a favorite among both moms and dads, as is the pivoting child trays. Many consumers love that the seats are completely independent of each other, and have separate operating canopies that are adjustable. As jogging strollers go, this seems to be one of the best on the market, at a price that will fit most budgets.

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Average Consumer Rating: 3.9/5

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QuickGlance Features

Instep Safari Swivel Double Jogger Features


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