Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller Review

  The Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller is a great choice for parents and kids who are always on the go. It is small and compact, yet sturdy enough to go over any terrain, including rough gravel, dirt and uneven asphalt. This stroller will get you where you want to go, whether it’s the indoor playground for an afternoon of fun, or a quick trip to the store for some milk and eggs. It has the … [Read More]

InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger Review

The InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger is one of those strollers I thought I would never use. I’m not much of a jogger; I prefer to walk, thank you very much! But I learned that you don’t necessarily need to jog in order to appreciate the quality and versatility of a jogging stroller. Recently, my daughter and her cousin, who is the same age, had the opportunity to try out the stroller while … [Read More]

Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller Review

The Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller is an ideal choice for active parents who are always on the go, or have fitness goals they want to achieve, while still spending time with their child. The large, 16” wheels make it easy to maneuver over almost any terrain and the sleek design won’t leave you embarrassed to be seen with it. It has plenty of storage for those big diaper bags and is easy to fold … [Read More]

The First Years Jet Stroller Review

The First Years Jet Stroller is a great choice if you travel a lot and don’t want the hassle of taking your bigger stroller with you. If you’re a frequent flyer, or you take the subway a lot, this model will be a lifesaver. It’s lightweight, folds easily and most importantly, is comfortable for your little one. As a frequent traveler myself, I know how frustrating it can be trying to keep track of … [Read More]

Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller Review

The Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller is a great choice for parents who have twins or who have a growing family, with an infant and an older child.  The stadium style seating is perfect for the little one in the back – they are able to sit up higher and see more. I personally prefer the tandem style seating, as opposed to the side-by-side, simply because it’s easier to get it through doorways and narrow … [Read More]

Graco Spree Travel System Review

While I do not have first-hand experience with this model, I did recommend it to my sister-in-law and her husband. They’ve been using it for about a month now, and they love it. For parents and babies on the go, the Graco Spree Travel System can get you there fast. The all-in-one systems are perfect for getting infants in and out of the car without disturbing their sleep. The stroller has the … [Read More]

Contours Options 3 Wheeler Stroller Review

 The Contours Options 3 Wheeler Stroller is a lightweight but durable stroller that has easy maneuverability with its bi-directional front wheel. It has an infant seat attachment, a seat that faces forward or to the rear and an adjustable 5-point safety harness to keep the baby secure while riding in the stroller. The stroller has an adjustable foot rest to make sure the baby is riding in comfort, … [Read More]

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

As any new parent can attest to, there is nothing more important than your baby’s comfort and safety. As your baby grows into a toddler, safety is still paramount to your peace of mind as a parent. Because babies and toddlers spend much of their time in a stroller, finding one that is both safe and easy to manage is a critical factor when shopping for one. The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller may … [Read More]

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller Review

Ask any parent, and they will undoubtedly agree that having a child is a truly blessed event. However, they would also certainly agree that purchasing everything that a baby needs can be mind-boggling and challenging to say the least. With the birth of a second child, those needs increase exponentially. A stroller may just be the single most important item that a parent must choose. After all, you … [Read More]

Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System Review

Most parents are shocked to discover how many items they need for their baby. Honestly, how can one tiny person require so much stuff? Stroller, car seats, bottles, diapers, crib, the list goes on. But of course, it’s all worth it. When selecting all the items that your baby needs, most parents spare no expense. Comfort and safety are paramount, but so are convenience, style and time-saving … [Read More]