The Ideal Stroller for Triplets

Stroller For TripletsIt’s official – I’ve been named the ‘research King’ among my friends and family. Whenever they want to purchase something, they ask me to research it on the internet and find the best make and model.

It happened last month when my cousin wanted to buy a bread maker; and it happened last week when very good friends announced that they were expecting triplets and needed a stroller (someday I’m going to start charging for my services!). My research led me to the conclusion that I’m thankful for not having triplets (kidding, of course).

While I do not have any firsthand experience with triplet strollers, I spent many hours researching sites like Amazon, Overstock and Babies “R” US as well as many independent reviews and blogs. I came up with what I believe to be the ideal stroller for triplets – the Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller.

It has all of the features that I looked for when researching the best stroller for my own family – lots of storage, high safety standard ratings, easy maneuverability and easy folding for storage. Peg Perego is a trusted brand and is known for quality, durability and comfort. It has all of the quality and features of a single stroller, but is able to accommodate all three little ones.

The Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller

Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller

A triple stroller is a must-have item if you’re planning on going anywhere with your new family. Even trips to the store or mall will require a crazy amount of planning and myriad of items. What used to take you 10 minutes will now take you 30.

Having a stroller that can accommodate all three babies, plus diaper bags, bottles, bibs and toys will keep your stress levels to a minimum, and will keep your children as comfortable as possible.

Running errands is the only thing that will be made easier; outings to the zoo, park, or a weekend away at Grandma’s house will also be made simpler. The Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller is obviously heavier and more cumbersome than single or even double strollers – but that is to be expected. I wouldn’t recommend a triple stroller that advertised it was the same weight as a single, because it wouldn’t be possible for it to be as safe or stable.

My personal preference when it comes to double and triple strollers is tandem seating, as opposed to side-by-side seating, because it’s easier to get through doorways and narrow passages.

The Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller is the one I recommended to our friends, who were expecting triplets. I didn’t want to recommend just anything to them: I wanted them to trust that what I told them had some teeth to it. I shared with them all of my findings, my research, and the sites that I went to in order to come to the conclusion I did. I wanted them to know that they could trust my judgment and my skills as a researcher. I would never recommend something to them unless I would personally be willing to buy it for my family.

The stroller’s dimensions when opened are 43″ x 67″ x 23.5″ (H, L, W). When the unit is folded the dimensions are 17″ x 56″ x 23.5″ (H, L, W). The total weight is 45 pounds. If you’re going to fold and store in your trunk, an economy car probably won’t do. It adheres to all of the strict U.S. safety standards, which is the number one feature that I look for in all strollers. This one also has multiple seat configurations and can accommodate car seats which make it ideal for transferring your little ones from the car to the strollers.

Steering Wheel Handlebar

Steering Wheel Handlebar

The Peg Perego stroller has an adjustable handle, so both moms and dads can push the stroller easily. The handle bar actually acts as a steering wheel, making maneuverability easier and more manageable.

For infants, the seats in the stroller can be removed and car seats will directly attach to the chassis. The seats can be configured to face each other, or sit forward or backward. This model includes the chassis, along with individual seats, leg covers and hoods for each one of your children.

Fully Reclined Seat

Adjustable Back and Leg Rest

Each seat is equipped with a 5-point harness, with a ‘freedom of movement’ feature that is unique to Peg Perego. There is a large storage basket underneath the stroller that folds up with the unit.

One of the main benefits of this stroller is that each seat can fully recline, so on those rare occasions when all three get to sleep at the same time, they can sleep in comfort!

Whether you’re going on an all-day trip or just a short walk around the block, this stroller can accommodate your entire family. Each seat is quite roomy, giving each child the space they need.

Overall, the Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller seemed like the ideal stroller for triplets and I recommended it to my friends. They went ahead and ordered it, although the babies are not due for another six months. It never hurts to be prepared! When time is of the essence (and it always is with children) getting them from the car to stroller quickly is one of the key features that parents look for.

This stroller has that covered, and babies can be transferred in one smooth motion, without disturbing them. The price on this one is a little hefty, at over $900, but when it comes to your precious cargo, nothing but the best will do.


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