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Traveling With A StrollerWhen my daughter was six months old, my wife and I took a family vacation to Boston, Massachusetts. It was an obvious choice, because we both have family there, and none of them had yet met our daughter. With my wife going back to work in a few months, we knew things were going to get hectic and we wanted to get away for some ‘down time’. So we booked our flight and started packing. Then it occurred to us – we would need to bring a stroller for the trip. The one we had was lightweight enough, but we didn’t want to take it, just in case the airline lost our luggage, or something unforeseen happened to it; so we decided to buy another one for the specific purpose of traveling. One of the best things about the internet is not having to go from store to store in order to find what you want. All the information you need is right at your fingertips, any time of the day or night. We knew we wanted something lightweight, but sturdy at the same time; something that would fold easily, had good safety features and was comfortable for our daughter. We weren’t worried about the stroller being compatible with a car seat, because we were planning on putting her directly in the stroller for our trip.

Chicco Ct0.6 Capri Lightweight StrollerThere are many quality brands that are both lightweight and great for traveling. We looked at several names such as QuickSmart, UPPABaby and Combi. After much research, we decided on the Chicco Ct0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller. If you are going to be taking a trip via plane, train or cruise ship, you definitely want something that is lightweight and can fold in a flash. Remember too, that your child will be out of their ‘comfort zone’ in unfamiliar surroundings. You want to make sure that the stroller you choose will be as comfortable for them as possible. Airports have become quite strict about how much luggage you can take with you, so it’s important to select a travel stroller that doesn’t take up much room. If you’re going to be renting a car, chances are it will be a small to mid-size car, so you probably won’t have a lot of room in the trunk. The Chicco Ct0.6 Capri Lightweight stroller weighs a mere 12 pounds, with dimensions of 10.2″ x 8.1″ x 45.5″. This will fit in any size trunk.

When we arrived in Boston, we had to rent a car, and because we were on a budget, we decided on a small Ford Focus. The stroller fit in easily, along with the rest of our stuff. We rented a car seat, and that stayed in the vehicle for the duration of our trip.  The 5-point harness was perfect for keeping our daughter safe and snug in the stroller, and the lightweight aluminum frame was fairly sturdy, considering it is only a few pounds. The one feature that this stroller has that many don’t is a carry bag and carry strap. This made it super easy to store and carry from one place to another. This model was designed in Italy but it’s manufactured in China; this was not a deciding factor, but it’s nice to know where the products you buy are made, in my opinion. The Boston streets can get quite crowded as you can imagine, but we didn’t have any trouble maneuvering the stroller where we needed to go, including malls, and around corners, etc. I wish I could say that money was no object, but like most people, we’re on a tight budget. This stroller cost just over $80 with shipping.

The Chicco Capri SideviewThe Chicco Capri stroller comes in two colors – orange and blue. We opted for the blue, and it’s quite nice. This model has a two position reclining seat, although it doesn’t recline all the way. There is a storage basket underneath that will hold a diaper bag and some of your belongings, but don’t expect to store the kitchen sink! What I really liked about this stroller is that the canopy is fully adjustable and can be removed as well. The canopy is large enough to actually provide protection against the wind, sun and cold. I find a lot of canopies are just not large enough, but this one seems to do the trick nicely. The stroller also has a full suspension, which means it can cover all kinds of terrain. We stuck mainly to the paved streets and indoor venues, but there was a short jaunt where we had to cover some gravel parking lots and it worked just fine. Our daughter was quite comfortable in the stroller and slept for a lot of our outings, at least part of the time. We were worried that she wouldn’t like it and would want her other stroller, but she seemed to like this one.

The Chicco Ct0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller is a great compact stroller that you can take almost anywhere, including the subway and train. Since we’ve gotten back, my wife has used it to take our daughter to the mall, and for quick errands she needs to run. It offers great value for your money and has some of the same features of larger strollers. We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the color and the fabric is easy to wash with some mild soap and water. Okay, my wife says it’s easy to wash, I wouldn’t know. But then, to be fair, my wife has banned me from doing any sort of laundry because apparently I don’t know the difference between colors and whites. If you’re looking for a great travel stroller that you can use for years to come, and has all of the safety features of a larger stroller, take a look at this Chicco model. The reviews that I’ve read online have been quite positive for the most part and parents seem to love the fact that it can be folded and carried easily.

Tips For Traveling With Baby

Tips For Travelling With Baby

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