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Double StrollersWhen my wife told me that we were going to have another baby, I was thrilled. By then, I’d settled into fatherhood quite nicely. My daughter was almost two and I found myself looking forward to having another baby in the house (and yes, I’ll admit it, I was hoping for a boy this time). I also breathed a sigh of relief, because we still had most of our baby stuff in the basement: crib, bouncy chair, bassinet and car seat. I was feeling pretty good about not having to go out and buy any ‘major’ items when my wife said, ‘you know we’ll have to buy a double stroller’. And with that, the research was on! (Honestly, I don’t know what people did before the internet) I already knew some of the big names in strollers from my previous research. Most manufacturers who make single strollers also make double strollers. That doesn’t necessarily mean that one brand is best across the board, though. Safety is always a number one concern, and convenience is important too. Our Peg Perego stroller had been holding up well and so that is the first place I checked for a double stroller. I noticed that they make both a tandem model and a side-by-side. Well, now that was something I didn’t even think of. Which would be better? After much research on just that subject, I came to the conclusion that a tandem (children sitting front/back as opposed to side by side) would be better because it’s narrower and would be easier to maneuver through doorways and tight spaces.

With that decision made, I continued my research for tandem strollers. Some of the top rated models included Chicco, BOB, Baby Jogger and Jeep. I must say the Jeep model caught my eye, because I just bought a Jeep Cherokee a few months ago, and hey, wouldn’t it be cool to drive a Jeep and transport my kids in a Jeep too? Ok, so I’m just a big kid at heart. While that wasn’t what I based my final decision on, I do have to recommend the Jeep Traveler Tandem Stroller as being the best double stroller. It has many features, a 5-point safety harness and is compatible with many other brands of infant car seats, including Peg Perego.

A double stroller is an absolute necessity if you have twins or children that are 2-3 years apart in age. Many strollers have a back seat that fully reclines for your infant, while your older child can sit in the front and enjoy the view. Having a double stroller makes traveling with your kids much easier and convenient. Just imagine having a single stroller, and trying to keep your 2-year old from running off in the middle of the mall. A double stroller just makes things easier, period. Having both of your children in one spot makes for a stress-free day at the mall, park or zoo.

Best Double Stroller - Jeep Traveler Tandem StrollerThe Jeep Traveler Tandem Stroller was the perfect choice for us for several reasons. First, it has a 5-point harness which is height adjustable, so it can literally grow with your child. We both loved the fact that it was compatible with several brands of infant seats. Our Peg Perego fits snugly on the back seat. The back seat also reclines, so when the baby is old enough, he or she can sleep comfortably without the car seat. One of the main features of the Jeep Traveler is that the seats are designed as ‘stadium seating’ meaning that the back sits up a bit higher. Both kids will be able to get a great view of wherever we’re going. The Jeep Traveler stroller showed up in the top 10 lists of every single search I conducted on the internet. Many parents obviously agree – this is one of the best double strollers on the market today. It also comes in a very cool green color.

Jeep Traveler Tandem Stroller - Folded

Very compact when folded

This stroller also has other features that make it a great choice for both parents and kids. The front seat is equipped with a child tray and comes with a tilting steering wheel and two cup holders. This can keep older kids entertained while you’re out running errands. The handle is adjustable to 3 different height positions, which my wife loves, because she’s only 5’3 and I’m 6’. There is also a good sized cup holder for those large coffees first thing in the morning. The canopies are extra-large and adjustable. For a double stroller, it is amazingly easy to fold and store. It’s a little heavier than a single stroller, obviously, and weighs in at about 36 pounds. Each seat can accommodate a weight of 40 pounds. It is JPMA certified, which means it has passed all of the stringent safety standards tests. There is also a very large storage basket on the bottom, so diaper bags, et al, will fit nicely.

If your family is expanding and you find yourself needing a double stroller, then take a serious look at the Jeep Traveler Tandem Double Stroller. It is easy to maneuver, has all of the safety features a parent could want, and will keep kids snug and comfortable. Both seats recline so even older children can have a nap if they wish without straining their neck or head. When folded, the stroller measures 21.75″ wide, x 36.75″ high x 18″ depths. You don’t need a van or SUV to store this in your trunk. It’s been a great stroller for us; and yes, I got my wish. I now have the perfect family – a daughter and a son.

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